The Healthy Hawai‘i Strategic Plan 2030 (HHSP) Summit was held at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center on October 25, 2023. More than 250 sector area stakeholders in asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, physical activity and nutrition, and tobacco convened to:

  • Identify and support HHSP policies that need action;
  • Support health equity work within the HHSP;
  • Develop partnerships to move HHSP objectives forward; and
  • Collaborate across sector and program areas.
View the HHSP 2030 Summit videos below:
  • Morning Session
    • Welcome
    • Keynote Presentation
    • Overview of HHSP Progress and HHSP Tracker
    • Panel Session
  • Afternoon Session
    • Reflecting, Connecting, and Accelerating the HHSP
    • Closing Words & Next Steps
Keynote Speaker

Anthony Iton – MD, JD, MPH is Senior Vice President for Programs & Partnerships at The California Endowment, a private, statewide health foundation whose mission is to expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved individuals and communities, and to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of all Californians. Dr. Iton’s primary interest is the health of disadvantaged populations and the contributions of race, class, wealth, education, geography, and employment to health status. He asserts that the only sustainable approach to eliminating health inequities is through the design of intensive, multi-sectoral, place-based interventions that are specifically designed to identify existing assets and build social, political and economic power among a critical mass of community residents in historically under-resourced communities. Additional information about Dr. Iton can be found here: LINK.