The work of the HHSP is led by the Hawaiʻi State Department of Health Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division (CDPHPD). CDPHPD promotes health and reduces the burden of chronic disease by empowering communities, influencing social norms, and supporting and encouraging individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices.

CDPHPD utilizes an integrative and coordinated approach to assemble and unite partner agencies statewide to build a shared vision, implement strategies, and secure resources that will improve the health of the people of Hawaiʻi. Contributions of time, energy, resources, and expertise are provided by the following partner agencies and organizations:

Advisory Group Members

The HHSP Advisory Group members are partners from across the state who provide input on the vision, purpose, and development process of the plan. Thank you to these respected leaders who offer valuable advice, and expertise.

  • Kristen Frost Albrecht
    The Food Basket
  • Amy Asselbaye
    City & County of Honolulu
  • Carl Barton
    Derigo Health
  • Cynthia Au
    American Cancer Society
  • May Rose Dela Cruz
    University of Hawaii (UH) Office of Public Health Studies
  • Naomi Fukuda
    The Queen’s Medical Center
  • Paula Higuchi
    UH Cancer Center
  • Bryan Juan
    Hawaiʻi Primary Care Association
  • Shane Morita
    The Queen’s Medical Center
  • Catherine Pirkle
    UH Office of Public Health Studies
  • Ron Sanderson
    American Lung Association
  • Cristina Vocalan
    Hawaiʻi Primary Care Association
  • Marie Williams
    County of Kaua‘i
  • Alan Parsa
    The Queen's Medical Center
  • Christina Simmons
    YMCA of Honolulu
  • Cristeta Ancog
  • Valerie Davison
    UH Health Insurance
  • Cory Chun
    Formerly with the American Cancer Society
  • Sheri-Ann Daniels
    Papa Ola Lokahi
  • Monica Esquivel
    UH Dept. of Human Nutrition, Food & Animal Sciences
  • Mark Garrity
    Urban Pacific Consulting, LLC
  • Joseph Humphry
    Internal Medicine Physician
  • May Kealoha
    University of Hawaiʻi
  • May Okihiro
  • Jennifer Ryan
    Hawaiʻi State Department of Education
  • Tetine Sentell
    UH Office of Public Health Studies
  • Don Weisman
    American Heart Association
  • Jessica Yamauchi
    Hawaiʻi Public Health Institute
  • Brian Wu
    Hawaiʻi Medical Service Association
Program Area Partners

Thank you to the numerous individuals and organizations who contributed to the development of this plan. These diverse and esteemed partners are listed in the following comprehensive, chronic disease strategic plans for the state.

Partners in common

CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion - established to build and strengthen state health department capacity and expertise to effectively prevent chronic disease and promote health


Dave Nakashima


Continued coordination and active stakeholder engagement are needed to achieve the HHSP objectives by 2030. Program area stakeholder groups continue to meet regularly to implement the plan’s objectives and strategies, and to monitor and evaluate progress. The HHSP is meant to be a dynamic document that is assessed and updated throughout the plan’s timeframe. Stakeholder group membership is expected to change to assure an inclusive, community-based participatory approach to realize the plan’s goals.

If you or your organization is interested in contributing to the work of the HHSP, please